Who are we

Bargain Games is the result of a hobby that got out of hand and has grown into this webshop.
We are the place to be for Wargames, Roleplaying and other games (on request) at very competitive prices.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us Using the Contact form


At Bargain Games we commit ourselves to offer our products at as competitive a price as possible.

For the general products and orders this will usually be a discount of 20% to 25%.

Since we mainly deal in 2nd hand Wargames they can be offered at discounts up to 30% depending on the state of the product.

Board games and other games on request

At Bargain Games it is also possible to place orders for:   
  • Board games
  • Magic the gathering
  • etc
We have extensive product knowledge and can advise and assist you with the choices of a game

These products are not standard in stock but are supplied on request at the same low prices as our other products.


Bargain Games is a webshop that specializes in buying and selling 2nd hand war games at very competitive prices. Our range includes both built models and unopened products, so there is something for everyone. We constantly search the market for collections and shops to expand our range and keep a broad stock

If you have a collection for sale yourself, you can always contact us for a quote.

Role playing

Besides the Wargames you can also find a large assortment of role playing products at Bargain Games at very competitive prices. We have a wide range of Dungeons & dragons products. This offer will be supplemented with other products from various systems. If you are looking for a specific product, you can always contact us so that we can inquire with the distributors.


Shipping within Belgium:
  • To a postal point: 5 €
  • To an address: €6
  • Above 100 €: Free shipping

For shipping to the Netherlands:      
  • To a postal point: 7,5 €
  • To an address: €8,5
  • Above 150 €: Free shipping

For shipping to France:
  •     To a postal point: 8.5€
  •     To an address: 11€
  •     Above 150 €: Free shipping

For shipping to the Germany:
  •  To an address: 9€
  •   Above 150 €: Free shipping

For shipping to the Luxembourg:
  •  To an address: 8,3€
  •   Above 150 €: Free shipping

For shipping to the UK:
  • To an address: 12€
  • Above 150 €: Free shipping

For ecological and economic reasons we try to recycle as many packaging materials as possible.


Bargain Games is not a physical store but if desired orders can be picked up by appointment at the following address:

Kasteeloed 8
8860 Lendelede

VAT: BE0689629715